Destiny WebGL Model Rips

Hey guys!
Heres some Destiny models ripped from the webgl viewer!
More on the way, and also i’ll take requests!
(I can currently only rip Weapons, Armors and ships)

Jade Rabbit

The 4th Horseman

The Chaperone

Download for those 3 weps:!PtxhiLrb!ZrbE3dhaSctgf4bm91Y38-UwU8IWh6n1eMy3ZdGkIzU

No Land Beyond

Download for No Land Beyond:!rkAEEITZ!p5InDw_6qHMG2sohawEe7JJrCwCEWWblxlt5SgK8lCc


Download For Khvostov-7G:!jo5ADIxC!xx_7w8ouvbJJOmDA6a0ynsa7iIulhRMG5KhFc-OMkgY

Heart of the Praxic Fire (Male)

Download for Heart of the Praxic Fire (M):!b0QSXTZS!jmA0-JqUUw3F2ci64Liu63_AYGPJ_RcccOduzw0-jYg

Voidfang Vestments (Male)

Download for Voidfang Vestments (M):!ykJ3UIJb!ETHkdrNFgc4p8FgcB2smplDmews-ofvfOxru9mXq40U

Post any requests below and i’ll post up more when I get a chance!

not sure what name the armor is. but the female one of this armor

Also any of the pre-future weapons that appear in destiny are also a plus. Not sure what they’re called (it’s been so long since I touched those games)

By pre-future do u mean like the non futuristic ones? Like the khvostov or whatever its called and the no land beyond?

yes the Khvostov and the No Land Beyond! On a sidenote also made some test anims for the Jade Rabbit model you posted. Might make this into a weapon for L4D2 just for fun (Not sure about the sounds though )[/t]

What settings you used to assemble then?

When I ripped Destiny shit it all came out in different scales.

Same, the site always shit back broken models, but the armory is gone now, so I found a site where they’re still using the web api and support displaying models!
The textures arent very nice but still better than nothin!
And my settings are Ninjaripper 32-bit with the intruder DLL on google chrome version 56

Also Wasp those are awesome!!!

No Land Beyond Added :slight_smile:

No I mean, how did you assemble them? The model parts came out on different scales for me.

Oh yeah! Right sorry forgot to mention, this site doesn’t have the same problem!!! The rips don’t have broken scaling :)))

Unless u just tried and it didn’t work?

No, I ripped from the old site.

This is quite helpful, thanks for telling me.

Also, I keep getting errors from the MEGA links, you should check whether it’s also on your side.

Glad to help! :slight_smile:
Ill check the links also adding the Khvostov

The only problem is that the models from the site seem to be low-poly, on top of having incomplete textures.

How did you manage this?

I cant speak for wasp but im pretty sure thats just good software, reflections, lighting and shading, anything looks pretty if you put enough into it and wasp happens to be very good at that, i’ve seen his work before.

Also the incomplete textures part, im almost certain that the site cant render anything transparent or effects, which is why warlock bonds dont have any glowy bits on them

No I mean, his texture has details that are missing from the site texture.

What I want to know is that if he made that new diffuse texture and secondary materials himself, or if he has a way to get the originals.

The textures are very complete. Just realized some of the textures (the ones for the barrel, decal, stock, sights, and rail) fit together in one dimension like a puzzle piece. So I merged them and the normal maps along with the control maps. the area around the trigger use a seperate 256x256 texture, but it’s easy to make it look all good with the right shader settings.

As for the detail, again, just the beauty of using the right shader settings.

That sounds quite good. I need to get my ripper working again so I can see what shader to use for these.

You don’t waist any time do you

Okay so i finally finished a full armor set, it took me like 3 hours of fiddling because i am occasionally stupid AF but here it is!
The Jade Rabbit Titan Armor Set (M)

Its got CC and normal maps aswell i just dont actually know how to apply them lol!vgYn2bjK!vIrVitdKhig4hzVqWb5QpiKcVd6fKdTrL4N5K56yNR4

oh cool! didn’t know the Jade Rabbit had an armor set as well.

Nice work, any chance for the Vault of Glass armors?

I can start workin on em rn :smiley:
Im on a nostalgia trip rn, played destiny up till house of wolves came out so i recognize so many items, its a helluva throwback lol