Destroy All Humans Models wanted

Hello, I am requesting some models from the Destroy All Humans series…

Some models I would like to see would be
3:The Saucer
4:Some weapons (Zap-o-Matic,Anal Probe,Ion Cannon, etc.)

I know this is a large request, but I’m sure many could use the models. Here are some references, if needed

Some of the images are rather large, and I couldn’t find a decent picture of the Brisk or weapons but the Zap-o-matic is in the first link.

With you on this, we need more Alien/paranormal related stuff for Gmod, but besides that. DAH was an amazing game :dance:

in the words of the martians in Mars Attacks. “Ack ak ak ack Ahka!”


support, loved this game!

Anyone think they could do this?


Crypto sparidium: Destroy All Humans
clone number: depends on how well you played the game

I support. I´ll like to see more Furons here.

Support for these models

I still kick my ass for getting rid of my Ps2 and DAH. That game was amazing haha. Played it about 2 weeks before I went on vacation to Roswell, New Mexico haha

I can’t find my Original one, but I still have the second at least :smiley: This is by far my one of my favorite DAH tracks Yes I know DAH didn’t make it, but I found it from it :3

Oh man this game takes me back…support

Sorry, bump, I would really like someone to port these…

I am with you!

Ah, DAH. I much prefered DAH2 because the TK physics weren’t nearly as rigged, but DAH ones will be good too.

Gonna give this a small little bump :slight_smile:

question: saucer have interior? give me a link for the 2 and i will do it if i can

I don’t think any models exist as of now, I was requesting for someone to port them…

that’s what i said…give a link and i will port them but i want the 2

I don’t mean to necropost, but I am working on this atm. I have been ripping some of the textures, I haven’t got any of the Models just yet. I do plan on making a giant pack in my spare time,

Please tell me that you have at least ripped some models from the game