Destroy the BTR !!

I know there are dirty

pretty awesome picture, except the cut and paste tower, doesn’t quite fit with the image.

how is their faces poseable???


dude, i want those models xD

Those are some tunnel vision Russians

excellent posing, editing isn’t too bad, and for once the ground-hugging dust makes sense. if i can really hate on anything, it’s that somehow the russians have not noticed the dude pointing an at-4 at them despite the fact he’s only a few tens of feet away. why aren’t they watching their arcs?


actually, i’ll hate on the film grain too. either blur the entire background, or isolate the cathedral and blur the sky. the sky is never grainy.

Yknow, I oughtta assemble a fucking montage to show how stupid and overused that situation and angle is. It’s literally always the same exact conditions and parameters every time where they’re stupidly close (seriously, why are they always ten feet away? Why not a more reasonable distance like 50, 100, 150, 200, even 500 meters away?), fighting a stupidly oblivious enemy, and it’s the moment right before the ambush. God damn it pisses me off. At least have them doing something more than fucking sitting there picking their noses.

Jesus christ, just to add insult to the blood gushing mutilated injury, they’re all within the enemy’s field of view. Do they have an extreme case of tunnel vision? The enemies in MW2 are seriously less fucking idiotic than this.

Oh my god why.

Realisticly speaking, that AT-4 would do more harm to themselves than the enemy. They’re well within it’s safety range, and they’re all so clustered together (the man to the far left is looking toward the camera, so that can only mean that someone is located there.) that the backblast from it would kill atleast one and give two others a concussion.

Now going on to the posing and editing itself now that we got that all out of the way, it’s meh. The posing’s nice, but the man to the far left’s right knee (viewer’s right) should be straighter. That’s really about it.

Now the editing, simply put, is an eyesore. That tower is so obviously edited in, the grain is so needlessly excessive you could make a loaf of bread from it, and the lighting makes their cover look like piles of styrofoam.

i agree with every word about the situation and the obviously pasted photo, but the wall looks bad regardless. short of the absolute god tier editors, i doubt anyone in here could unfuck that.

Back blast ouch?

Ouch the jpeg quality.

They are way too close to that BTR.