Destroy their nasty machines!

As you all know the new machines are a big gamechanger that benefits the ones who can defend and afford them. The big ones, the rulers and the raiders! We poor naked, lonely noobs can only hope to use them if we find them abondoned from their former users. Its time to change that! Its time to destroy them all and get rid of this mechanical injustices!


But serious. I always wonder why such a fragile structure like the quarry or the pumpjack have so much hitpoints. Wouldnt it be much more realistic and challenging to lower their hitpoints (and make them much more vulnerable).

lower their HP, make them repairable.

make them stop functioning at half health. and repairable. everything should be repairable and destructable:)

They are not such easy to craft and much difficult to find place for them and, also it take an effort to look at them in order to make noobs not to steal resources from it. By the way, you can join a server where no more than 50 players online and enjoy someone’s machines.

It’s hard to balance some of these features game wide, when the results would be VASTLY different between a vanilla server (10 wood per rock kit) and a modded high loot server (10,000 wood per hatchet hit).

Making these structures more vulnerable is a strategical question. With the actual amount of hp noone attacks the supply structures of enemy players because it would cost to much explosives.

If the hp would lowered it would open the strategic option to weaken the production of the enemy without “wasting” explosives.

Making them decay like foundations would make sense.