Destroyed Sci-Fi buildings

Anyone know where I can find props for some destroyed sci-fi looking skyscrapers?

I’m starting to get tired of the same-old Half-Life 2 buildings that I use is all my scenebuilds…

what are destroyed sci-fi looking skyscrapers? is it hl2 involved? after the citadel collapse?

Something like these buildings in Mass Effect.

Not destroyed, but in the SFM workshop there is a UE4 FPS building pack that has scifi-like buildings.

Other than that, War for Cybertron has destroyed futuristic buildings, but most of it are pretty awful looking up close since they’re supposed to be in the background and not the foreground. I haven’t even bothered porting them because they were so “meh”.

I have those, but since they’re clean, it requires editing in Photoshop to make them look destroyed…