Destroyed ship

First experience in making “space” screenshots.

sup just randomly exploding


with no enemies in sight

It’s destroyed so they probably destroyed it then jumped out of there and then the parts that are blowing up are bits of the ship that is still getting effected by the ships separation.

Right well the editing seems a bit sloppy to be honest , it looks like random light blobs and the blue is kind of taking focus away from the ship since it stands out alot.

Also i think those random ‘explosions’ are probably impact shots, you know like from a plasma weapon or something like where it’s melted the ship and left that mark.

The editing is low-res

Backround is low-res.

The debris field and burn marks are interesting, though.

Explosion looks horrible.

The planet’s edge looks horrible. Are you sure you have jpeg_quality 100?

Those aren’t explosions, there marks from the ship being melted.

I would have thought it would look nicer if there was more of a defined shape to the ship, so we had an idea of how it looked before. Right now it looks just like a giant mess. Post explosion.

The burn marks remind me of Mass Effect 2, though. xD

Whatever, Still looks horrible.