Destroying Terrain or Buildings.

Is it possible?

I have a gamemode in development and want to know if this is possible.
I really don’t want to make every brick and piece of dirt on my map destroyable.

Explain more, maybe? And if its Your map, its in the wrong section, I think.

Im making a zombie survival type rpg and wanted destructible buildings and wondered if it could be done with lua.

I wanted this so larger zombies could destroy walls and fall from buildings to make craters.

I assume you want it dynamic, if so, Source isn’t really the engine for it… the most dynamic entity I have seen, is func_breakable_surf, you can only use that for tiles and glass. I can’t see you being able to do something like BC2 without a extensive knowledge of C++ and game physics/graphics.

Now if it doesn’t need to be dynamic, then you can just run a physics simulation in something like XSI and export it as an animated model. This is what EP2 uses for the houses that get blown up by Striders at the end of the game. Also for the bridge destruction at the beginning of EP2.


For collapsing buildings, use the second method.

Decided to use smaller zombies with larger zombies being scripted encounters.

offtopic but, WHAT?

At the beginning of Half-life 2 Episode 2, the huge train bridge falls down, if you youtube it, your see.

Then you will have to model the walls, and also include triggers to make the zombies “break them”, or activate the animation.

True. There would be a good amount of animated models and scripting. Really, unless you are very good with a modeling program and with Hammer, it would be quite impractical.