Destructable enviroment

You know how props break, mainly the CS:S ones?

Well I was wondering, could somebody make somemore.

I actually want small miniscule buildings that break when hit, along with mini trees and cars.
But regular sized breakables are also useful.

And don’t till me to map my own, because I don’t want to have only one map.

Also, making some mini roads would be usefull. And yes I can use the prop resizer on the phx ones, but they don’t have any corners.

Well I can already tell that no one will agree (seriously) to do this… so the best I can offer is to play something like Red Faction: Guerrilla or Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to help you satisfy your need to break digital things.

It seems you think all that stuff is bunch of magic spells that are done by waving a wand twice or more.

No, I’m not stupid. I know this takes time and effort, and probably involves scripting of sorts.

But it’s not impossible, and I’m tired of all you guys are coming up with are the same five fucking Modern Warfare rip-off models with slightly different skins.

It’s not useful because WE ALREADY FUCKING HAVE IT!
So please, stop remaking those same fucking models.

Your statement is completely flawed.

A) Don’t say “all you” since only few people port and hack Modern Warfare models and none of them have replied to this topic.

B) There’s maybe like three threads in the whole release section that have Modern Warfare releases in them: One of them has Modern Warfare models ported for CS:S, one of them has Modern Warfare character models hacked with HL2 citizen models and one of them has loads of Modern Warfare headgear.

You may not find the last two useful but that doesn’t mean that no one else does.

His statement is NOT completely flawed. Somewhat irrelevant to the request at hand, and rather poorly articulated, but he’s got a point.

There ARE a lot of modern warfare (the genre, not the game) models. There’s about 6 on the front page. There IS a lot of duplicated effort there; a simple search brought up 5 remakes of the HL1 HECU Marines.

I myself am annoyed at how much focus is given to modern war settings. I consciously choose to work in other settings, simply to try to balance it out. However, this is not the place for me to complain about it, so I won’t.

As to the request at hand, it would not be overly difficult to do small props. Buildings would be more difficult, and wouldn’t work well with the destruction system already in Source. It wouldn’t require scripting; it can all be done in the .qc.

However, it’s unlikely that anyone will volunteer to do this. Why?

Basic props aren’t fun. Nobody wants to do them except as practice for the things they really want to do. And when you request something, you’re really at the whim of “what a modeler wants to do”.

Also if it’s not a Modern War hack, no one cares.

EDIT: Or naked Resident Evil Characters.

What exactly do you mean?

Breakable props are easy to do and a breakable building wouldn’t be that hard if you had some bricks to make it from all you’d have to do is not rig any of the bricks together and when spawned it would hopefully stay upright until you attacked it. The main problem is that to script a breakable thing it would have to be done in a map, but its possible to do it with normal prop compilation.

Also you can make things that explode and burst into flames, it just takes alot of time to place each gib correctly.