Destructable maps

Just looking for some of those maps where you could disassemble buildings and whatnot chunk by chunk. I remember a specific one having like a warehouse and a dry dock and crane. Thanks

Phys Drydock, crashes 2007 engine to windows so play it in Gmod 9 or something. Phys House also does this.

Phys Temple, works with current Gmod, have fun.

I can’t even get Gmod 9 to run right…guess I’m shit out of luck? Drydock is indeed the one I was looking for

Try it in hl2 or hl2:dm instead, those will also be able to play it.
Any source game released at or after ep2 will not be able to play phys_ maps though.

Use Source SDK Base 2006, it will run all the old phys_ maps, like phys_house.

HL2 also crashed…will try DM

Why can’t phys_house or drydock run on the current engine? Can’t the maps be updated to be compatible?

HL1source is guaranteed to work since it’s on an engine that hasn’t been updated since 2006.

Yup it works in HL1:S but it works like shit. Many of the effects just dont seem to be how I remember them. I guessing most of it came from the lack of the gravity gun

Pre ep2 source engine:
If too many physics objects were colliding they would simply enable the “disable moving” flag on themselves. As soon as some physboxes were destroyed they would start moving again.

After ep2 source engine:
They always simulate physics no matter how many items are colliding.

Every physics maps made using that to work, and now that they don’t disable your PC has to simulate many hundred physics object rubbing against each other every frame making the game only run at a few frames per second.

Partly this is because the source engine uses an old version of havoc still, which doesn’t have support for using the graphics card to process the physics.

this was like my 3rd or 4th released map but you can move everything around and fuck shit up :pwn:

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You want a map like this?

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I made it.

Actually a really fun map, obviously not the best in the world, but the level of destruction is really good.

Destructable maps should work on any game, but we classify things like this “Fake DMM”. So use that when you’re referring to it in the future. You can always decompile the maps and turn it into a playable map.

dip rip maps are destructable and way better than those old phys maps