Destructible Concrete Blocks

I have been looking for destructible object on the forum and, however I haven’t found what might please me. I would greatly appreciate if anybody could do sort of high 2m concrete blocks (should be equivalent with 2x1 PHX blocks for example). The thing is, that there isn’t cool stuff to blow up and shoot as the wall could be like in Battlefield: Bad company 2, so you could chip pieces of concrete out of the block by shooting it. (Couldn’t find any good pictures, but if this helps, then I think Berlin wall was made from these.)

And i feel i should mention that my English isn’t that great, if you didn’t understand something, ask me and secondly please don’t post junk like why don’t you make it or use some of that and you’ll be done, as i wouldn’t request this, if i could do it myself.

Picture1: Berlin wall I think

Picture2: Really big blocks of concrete