destructible cover?

Since the last 2 thoughts I had and shared were completely shot down I decided to actually think through this idea, so

is it possible to make destructible cover? like make the road block that’s already a prop, give it hit boxes and make it so each part has a certain amount of health, which after sustained damage that part of the block will fall off? Or possibly make it an entity, that just doesn’t move (or anything, except break)?

Well I don’t know about lua but you could make a bunch of props that all fit together to make a road. So many breakable.

The idea is simple especially great for things like this:

Take that and make it as one then break in up in the hammer editor with a clip and make them all props some that break. At the end you will make a pack with them all together piece them all together perfectly and dupe it.
This wouldn’t take too long to do but I don’t have time.

And as fare as it goes for lua who knows that is just my suggestion.

Yeah there are maps in the toybox with walls that are destroyable and search. Just load up gmod and find a destructable map in the toybox

hm… ok im going to find a way to explain this.

like that, and i know, Garrysmod isn’t like any other fps, but this is still something interesting to create. and it seems like it would be useful in multiple ways, if the “gibs” of the concrete block didnt kill people on impact since their considered ragdolls (at least i think)

just to let you know i think bc2 uses the model swap method for that.

Actually I think it’s just something being parented to something else, because you can see the chunks he shoots off glitching before he starts shooting… lol

btw kig, i’ll make this in like 3 days if you want, it’s easy.

But it will only work for like certain models, obviously.

oh hell yes, thank you so much