Destructible Earth :D

I am not a creator of anything, nor do I intend on being, but I have a suggestion to people who have fun creating and uploading awesome things ^^, so here’s my suggestion, a planet Earth with a bomb in the middle (as the core) and when you detonate it, the planet emits lots of light out of cracks in the earth as it blows apart, and then all pieces of the earth go flying in different directions with lots of effects, got inspired by this because I seen lots of videos on youtube of planets “exploding” when they get bombed by like 5 nukes and it still stays there haha, so a destructible earth would look Win for video purposes ^^, not to mention “Destructible Planet Earth” on, would probably reach front page IMO, lots of space people would love it, end of the world people would love it and people who make pointless videos to fill up youtube with rick roll videos, would also love it :3


this is not possible, or at least does not make much since.

Space people!

What is not possible about it o.O? couldn’t someone just throw together a few big pieces of props and a few … hundred … light emitters, or even sparks, at the cracks with a big boom noise xD? (the planet doesn’t need to have anything on the land of it, just the earth its self, small or big, just for video purposes anyway xD.

Edit: heh… err just read the rules for this forum section and I just found out this is the wrong section /facepalm “not suggestions for models ect ect ect” or something similar to that x.x sorry

NOTE: I have no idea what section this is meant to go to “Ideas/suggestions” sound right for this though but meh rulez are rulez.

Edit2: I’m gunna go record a video for Allods Online, hope to read from you all in a few hours.

Short Answer: While POSSIBLE, it’s not FEASIBLE.

Long Answer: I like the idea. I like it a lot. But the thing is, Source maps wern’t made to be blown up. Scorched by explosive barrels, maybe, but not blown up.

Therefore, to build this destructible planet, you would need a LOT of piece placement, probably little tiny pieces too. And most likely a custom SEnt (or two or six or thirty) would need to be coded.

Not to mention that the final product, whenever it gets made, would lag like hell when it’s blown up.

Even if it was really small? like, the size of a Half life 2 Jeep?

then what’s the fucking point

it’s not earth at that point, it’s a small rock

This section is for thing GARRY can put into the game, not modders.

I realised that, that is the reason why I edited and noted that myself on my first post.

And Darkomni, a small rock, and a destructible earth is a complete different thing, except that they are both just rocks, an exploding earth with light going out of it doesn’t happen to a rock if you throw it against a wall, it just cracks and dusts fall off…

It would be easier just to make a spray of one of those videos you saw and put it on some black wall.

I instantly dislike you for saying “kthxbai”

Good idea, not good for the engine.

I dont think you can make anything “destructible”…

But you can make it LOOK like its destructible. maybe.

I think thats an engine related idea. Remember Red Faction 1 engine? Destructable walls, destructable floor, destructable ceiling. Yeah, they made the engine to especially support that. They made a whole hype around the engine for having destructable world.

Source doesnt have that, and i think source would need to do the same as the guys from Red Faction, but source is a finished engine. Noone will be arsed to mod it.

Atleast thats what i think, but i like the idea anyhow.