Destructible NPC map

Could somebody make a destructible map with NPC nodes? I’ve seen plenty of destructible maps, but none have even a smidgen of NPC intelligence in them. Also, for destructible, I mean reasonably destructible, not too laggy or destructible. Thanks if anyone could.

Try different engine… or throw in some big amount of money for some cinematic scripted destruction

ep2 has some animated destructible buildings and shit

Wrong section

You can use that to toggle parts of the node graph. So have a doorway with regular nodes going through it, then a broken wall with a node_link going thru it. When the wall is destroyed the node is toggled allowing npcs to go through the broken wall. Good luck with it thought I doubt anyone will jump to doing it for you.

L4d also used dynamic path finding algorithms for infected to climb over moveable/dynamic objects. That, however, used a nav mesh so you would need to put effort into first making the nav mesh and then making the map.

There is a reason why destrucable maps dont have nodes. Each part of a building is an entity, and by the point where the map is complete, the engine is already being pushed to it’s entity limits.

Short answer is no, you cannot have a complicated destructable map with nodes.

Wait is he talking about destructible with some breakable walls or full on fake DMM?

I think he is talking about the phys maps.

Fake DMM would be even worse for the entity limit, never a good thing to put in your map, much wiser to use animations instead