Destructible Pillar Model.

Since this is a model but it has to be assembled in hammer editor, wasn’t sure where to release, in maps or models. SO sorry if wrong section but it’s still model.

I was bored so I decided to make a pillar which would be destructible. It’s a 64x64x176 Sized in total. It contains 28 model files. 1 Main Core pillar. Which you cannot break. Then 21 piece of destructible material. Which is going around that main core. You should probably use it in maps. You will have to assemble it in hammer editor. It also has 7 custom gibs which appears when you break 1 of those 21 pieces.
You wont be able to use this good with Pentium 4. Since calculate yourself: 21x7=147 gibs will be in action. I also had to write new prop_data substance. So I included file as well. SInce this was my first time using custom gibs I was just testing will this work. In future I might make more detailed version.
I also included prefab of already assembled.

Here is some media:

pretty odd but it looks cool im sure it will come in handy

Looks useful, I don’t think the pictures do it too much justice though. Show off the destruction a little more.

good model, but where is the prefab already assembled?

There is a .vmf in archive.
You open it up with hammer and then copy into your map.