Destructible River House

School had been dominating my time, but I have finally been able to finish this project. As usual, it uses force welds. It is fairly lagless, but I included some, “slimmer,” versions, so it is fun to play with, even in timescale:1. If you set it to timescale:.5 or something, it becomes very smooth.

WIP pics:

Video (sorry for the quality- youtube attacked)(it just kinda shows how it falls apart):


My Other Constructions:


Mobile Home

I love the groovy beads. Gold Star

Groovy beads are groovy

Lots of improvement is lots of improvement. :v:

Cool, prepare for forceweld jokes.

Two force welds walk into a bar… You think at least one of them would have seen it.

And It’s decent but there is something i don’t like about it. I can’t put my finger on it… I dunno but that’s just my opinion, It’s decent though

What’s with the forcewelds?

We have been over this before and never gotten a good answer.

There was a forceweld a forceweld and a forceweld, they all wanted to get a chick so they did.

I think it looks cute :3

But I would like one without forcewelds so i can sail down the Mississippi river in peace without having fucking Mexicans or Texicans flinging rocks at me and killing mah hippie boat.

A jew, A black man and a foreceweld are on top of a building… Hey what they did up there is none of our business!


It’s awesome, big improvement.

Next time, could you build something from metal?
I want stuff to blow with my gbombs, and wood things are too weak.

Wow! Gold Star for you!

I read the title, and immediately thought about Crysis. This is well done! Gold Star!

Looks like a shack to me. A really well done forcewelded shack. I want to spawn a bunch and make a floating shack village


Just made this in paint, yes it sucks paint likes balls.

I thought that normal welds had force limits too?

Normal welds are just welds with the setting set to 0, forcewelds have the setting set up near the thousands.


Damn, I wanted to do it.

From my Mobile Home thread:

Indeed. I was making a 0-g space station, but it was getting over-complicated and I gave up.

Not actually sure how to make, or what I will make next…

Oh yeah, reference pics:

I wasn’t able to get a slanted roof on the bedroom part… But the rest is pretty damn accurate.

Too lazy to fix it

I don’t think it’s very realistic for a house to collapse just by touching it with a bed