Destruction Engine

Let’s face it, destruction in games is all the rage. Red Faction Guerilla, Battlefield Bad company 2, Just cause 2, so on and so forth.

With that said, the impossible. Do it in G-mod. I’m guessing you’d have to make a compatible map as well, but it’s just an idea that’d make the game a little funner.

in b4, that’s fucking impossible you twat

If you want destructable props just download spd

I think he wants destructible landscape, like in BC2

don’t be silly

Come back when the Source Engine is updated.

Actualy it is possable I made a map kinda what he is asking for. I made a small city map and made all the parts gib when you break a wooden thing supporting the gibs. I have to say it took forever to do and it was only small.

Would that be a phys map? There are maps like this.

Would require entirely custom maps to be feasible.

sort of.

With a phys map everything just falls apart. On my map it breaks on ammount of damage like a crate in gmod.

The wall is lots of parts like a phys map but are conected like a breakable weld. They are house walls with a bunch of gibs fiting into the middle. When a rpg hits the wall the weld goes away and it will fall apart. When in game it is alot like bad company 2 and alot of fun to mess around with.


The map does not lag because only a small part of each wall breaks away. Just enouth room for a player to crouch threw. On certain places it all breaks but the edges and stufe. The map allso does not lag because it is noy very big or the map is split into multiple maps.


I can make it one big map with out lag but it would have to be sorta like a desert map with not that many buildings on it.


I made an example of what I mean.


If this is what you mean I can make maps with buildings that break sorta like in bad company 2.
I can easily do the same for the ground but that would only be possable in places I have made. It would only make explosion holes in the ground where I have placed them.

I know a guy who made a fully physical house in hammer. Not that it was very useful - it would fall over if you removed one support. Plus lagged alot.

That’s not too shabby. I knew it could be done, it’s just that it’d take a LONG time to do.

Ha thats the thing with a phys map. It is just a bunch of parts staced together and just hope that they don’t fall apart and it lags alot. Thankfully my houses are solid and don’t fall apart because they are all grouped together and break on damage.


To be honest it doesnt realy take that long. The only hard part that takes much time is making a explosion shape out of a square brush. But once you make about 5 or 6 of them and save them you just copy and past to make the houses. In bad company 2 they just copy and pasted the same houses all over the place.


( I am going to try and make a city map has all of my ideas in it. And I will see what I can do about making the ground break.)