I’m making a Garry’s Mod map and I want to make a small spot on the map where I can drop props and entities, and when they get close to the bottom of the pit thingy they disintegrate. I saw it done on a ‘sb_’ map.

Can anyone help me? I really want to have this on my map.



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It’s not destroying “item_battery” that i spawned to test it. Am I doing something wrong?

Trigger_hurt will only damage the props entering, meaning only break-able props will be destroyed. Try making a trigger_multiple with an output something like this:
!activator (if I remember it correctly)


or something.

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Remember to set the flags to props and physics objects but NOT players as killing a player this way will crash the game.

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Sorry OP didn’t see you wanted it to kill entities as well :v:

If you want to make them dissolve (Not just vanish like with a ‘kill’) you will need a trigger_multiple and a Env_entity_dissolver (

Call the Env_entity_dissolver something such as ‘dissolver_1’ (Whatever you want it to be)

Set the flags on the trigger_multiple as desired.

Now give the trigger_multiple the output of:

OnStartTouch > dissolver_1 > dissolve > !activator

And that should do the trick, they now fizzle (Dissolution effect can be selected from the env_entity_dissolver) instead of just poof!