Desync explained the best that I can.. admin response appreciated

I thought the desync bug was a thing of the past given that approximately 1 week before the last patch I was able to play Rust without it. After this most recent patch, the desync bug returned. I’ve made a few posts about the ‘desync’ bug and I played for about 2 hours today through it trying to get as much detail as I could to see if I could help sort this problem. This game is supremely frustrating with this bug and the explanation will hopefully dictate why:

After almost exactly 5 minutes (each and every time I log on) my character gets briefly rubber banded and then I can run on. What happens though is my character cannot interact with anything other than doors (I can still open and close them) and other players see me as standing still. I can see all other players, zombies, animals doing what they are doing in real time except they all recognize me as standing in place. If I drop something on the ground, it falls on the ground where other players see my body. I cannot interact with anything other than doors unless it’s close enough to where my player began ‘desyncing’. The game goes on this way for approximately 30 seconds and then I will either get teleported back to where I began desyncing or players will see my “desynced” body dissapear and reappear where my system recognizes my (it seems to be random between the two). After another 5 minutes, same thing happens. I played for about 1 hour straight this way today and no length of time solves it.

On the steam forum there was a post saying it could be cause by Asus motherboards automatic overclocking. I attempted to change my settings from “Auto” to “Standard” but it made no difference. I attempted to disable memory hole remapping thinking that could be a cause (also didn’t work). My system obviously recognizes the server because I can see everything happening and the server recognizes only certain elements of my input (opening and closing doors) but will not recognize anything else.

I know there were posts weeks ago saying the problem has been identified and they are working on fixing this issue, I thought a detailed explanation of what is happening may help. It’s not fun to play the game for any extended period of time this way. It is fun to scare my friends by opening and closing the doors when they see my character nowhere near it.

In short, all I would like is some sort of update other than “it’s a priority”. It makes me feel uneasy each update I see that is not a fix to the desync bug because it’s all but unplayable this way. My friends and I started as an 8 man group on Rust and 3 of us have the desync bug. I’ve tried to play through it as much as I could but really can’t. The other 2 have quit and now play APB and Day-Z.

Update on this? Has ANYONE found a fix for this? I’m still working on it myself lol.

Thanks for reading.


This is a networking issue, it happens to me when I experience insane lag. I suggest investigating your modem and possibly switching to cabled internet if you are using Wifi.

Ananda, this has nothing to do with networking or ‘lag’ it has everything to do with hardware. Rubberbanding caused by actual lag is latency differentiation. That is not the problem we are encountering.

Wireless / Cabled networking is not the answer to it as I’m running a wired connection to a D-Link DIR-868L router to a Surfboard Docsis 3.0 modem to support gigabit speeds. The funniest part about that… is it’s a CAT-6A wire, which supports rather large speeds.

So no, you’re wrong. This has nothing to do with networking, and again, all to do with hardware and some loop in coding in their software, as they identified it before and fixed it before.

Thanks for the attempt with your input, but it’s very wrong.

Hopefully they will fix it… again, soon =) … I’ve detailed the problem as well as I can.

I was plagued with this since last update (on an estimated 2 minutes play / 2 minutes desync basis), making any play impossible. I do have an Asus motherboard (Zabertooth X58). So 1-2 days ago I went into BIOS and changed “Intel ® TurboMode Tech” to “Disabled”. After that my problems vanished :slight_smile:

Perhaps completely different issue but I did witness this once with my friend but not quite as extreme as 30 seconds but more like I was was watching him 5-10 seconds behind where he actually was, it could actually have something to do with networking and I suspect more than likely anti-cheat related, as a sys admin this sounds like the sort of problems we encounter with security software, the client is not updating the server on the player position perhaps because its being denied or rather delayed.

Sadly I’m on an AMD mobo until I upgrade my PC in the next few weeks to an MSI z87-gd65 w/ i7-4770k and 16GB DDR3 1600.

I tried using standard HT and manual down to 200, still no luck.