Desync issues

If i walk out of the area i spawn into, my game completely desyncs and i can no longer see animals or other players. If i relog it’ll put me back to the area i initially desynced from. Probably caused by my slowish internet but i have never had this happen in another game. I saw a post about something similar from the end of october,

EDIT: Somebody just made a post about this as i was posting this.

EDIT2: I should probably note it doesn’t just happen upon moving out of my original spawn area, it happens after 5ish minutes of being logged in. I was standing at a campfire with a friend and he said i wasn’t moving but i was jumping around. Can’t cut trees, get stones or hurt anybody while desynced, but i can be killed at the spot i was desynced at.

Try setting your router to DMZ mode, if that doesn’t work you’ll have to wait for a patch to fix it.

I’ve had it happen once before, whilst you can run around as a ghost, the only things you can render are things that rendered where your body originally de-sync’d from. So it’s not a massive distance, you can however still hit people that are near your body and you will damage them. Can also open doors and run around, as long as your body is close.

Ill give DMZ a shot and ill update with results (probably won’t be till tomorrow though, as i’m busy tonight). Thanks for the advice.


I have the same problem. I desync few seconds after connection. Once desync i can’t collect wood or metal and animals, zombies and players don’t move any more.
I have a laptop at home and it seems that the game works perfectly with it but it is clearly not powerful enough to play this game.

It will be great if this problem could be solved in priority knowing that we can’t play at all till is not fixed.

Most people with this problem have it due to a router issue, Can you try setting your router to DMZ mode on your computers local IP and report back here?

Thank you for answering me Helk.
Actually i have already read some advices about setting my router into DMZ mode but i’am quite septic doing this. The fact is, I don’t want to decrease security in my local network and as i said, my laptop, connected to the same router works fine. Anyway, i will try your solution but i won’t keep this configuration for long terme.
I will told you if DMZ mode fixe my problem when we could work on a solution which doesn’t involve openning my local network to the web. Maybe setting up some exceptions on my router’s firewall can do the job.

Thanks for your help.

I have the same problem. and can,t find DMZ in my router. so hope for a other solution

It’s still happening after turning on dmz.

We’re looking into it

Ok, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Hey guys a little input on this issue, my friend uses his phones 3G internet to play and can not set DMZ since he doesn’t use a router. Also here is a Video showing how Desync is game breaking

Hi guys.
So I connect my laptop through ethernet and it works fine ! So it’s definitely not due to network or some router configuration. Forget the DMZ mode (At least in my case).

To resume, the game works with my laptop but not with my other computer. My issue is desynchronization after about 15 secondes after connecting. When I desync i can still play but it is like i was disconnected. My body seems to stay where desync happend because i can be killed during this time. I can’t kill, loot or activate anything (Zombies, players, animals, doors, wood stack …)

My gaming computer (not working) :

  • Windows 7 professional x64
  • 8go Ram
  • i7 870
  • Nvidia Geforce GTX670
  • SSD 120go

My laptop (Working) :

  • Windows 7 professional x64
  • i7 3610QM
  • 6go Ram
  • GT 650M
  • HDD 740go

Windows & my graphic card drivers are up to date.
I will try to kill some process and keep you informed if i can find what going wrong.

Hope it can help !