Desynchronizing from server unable to resync

So I’ve recently been having this problem, the game will be running fine for about 10 minutes then out of nowhere My screen gets really bright/Dark then resets. When it resets I’m desync’d somewhere and unable to resync to the server. When I check console it’s saying

“Resynchronizing to server with a countdown from like 1000ms to 0” Then it just keeps going from 1000-0 filling up my console with red text.

I’m guessing what’s happening is I’m getting a lag spike, desyncing from the server, and then I’m unable to resync with the server So I’ve just been re-logging to fix the issue which is pretty annoying.

Any idea’s are welcomed, thanks.

How good is your internet?

My internet is very wishy washy, I live out in the country, So instead of using satellite I hotspot tether from my phone, which gives me dsl ish download speeds. I’m pretty sure it most likely has something to do with my net, but If only I could get the server to resync to me It would be fine.

Have found this in the rust Wiki.

Type in chat:

/do reclock (Resync your client clock to the server)

I think that is disabled now. That was one of the first things I tried. Thanks tho =P