Desyncing is worse than before

Well since the last thread was virtually ignored and we’ve had no update whatsoever about it…

Devs: Do you guys plan on implementing a permanent fix to the desync issue? It’s worse than it was before. I literally desync every 2 minutes on the dot.

The game is ultimately unplayable for me and a few others. Granted this only affects 1% of your userbase, but it’s still a major issue when we get into a bind where 3 zombies are on our ass, we’re running away… desync and die.

I’m getting peeved with not being able to play at all.

Game is in alpha, this is understood, but since you guys fixed it once before… is there any possibility on a hotfix for it or do I have to wait for another patch and keep my fingers crossed that it wont happen any longer?

might be time to get a new pc

this happens to me too me, FIX THIS PLEASE U.U

I think this has more to do with outdated hardware than an issue with their coding. What are your PC specs? That would help them more than just saying “I have a problem”

Incase you really want to continue with this idea… I’ve posted my PC specs several times in older threads. I also had this issue under control when they released the patch that got rid of it. Ever since the new patch it is back and worse than before. It’s their coding, not outdated hardware.

Im also doing the same… my rig Gforce gtx 780m, Intel® Core™ i7-4700 CPU @ 2.40GHZ, 32 GB Ram.
As far as im aware All of my drivers are up to date. but its not every 2 min that im dysinc its almost once a minute at least.
when everything is at max im getting 80-120fps but it will drop to 0 once every minute… if this is not the same thing I would love to hear any suggestions on what my problem is.

Specs don’t have anything to do with it given what hunt3r said. The problem was gone for like a week and came back after the most recent patch. I’ve posted two or three threads about it trying to get some sort of attention but have heard nothing. The last thread I made I detailed exactly what happens with desync and the time frame when it was gone and when it came back. I just asked for an update… I would argue it’s affecting more than 1% of the userbase as well given that me and 7 friends started playing this game (8 total) and 3 of us had the desync bug. Not sure how they know it’s 1% of the userbase but that’s not the purpose of your post. Needs fixed. Or at least let us who can’t play anymore know what’s going on… And it seems like they had it fixed before which is the most frustrating part… =\

I think it caused by great amount of buildings, abandoned and live.
After server wipe sometime all works OK

I’ve played on a completely fresh server with 2-3 players on it. It doesn’t change the bug. I get very good fps ingame even when there are enormous structures around. Desync seems to happen like clockwork. Almost exactly 5 minutes every time.