Detachable Mods?

A very helpful feature would be the ability to not only unload weapons, but to also take off attachments.

This helps tremendously when I’m starting out and happen to catch a geared player off guard, and bring his stuff back home to research.

It does suck when i find something like an m4 with every attachment in the game on it, but they are not researchable since they are stuck on this one gun.

I’m sure plenty of people agree, I’ve been searching for a silencer for a while now because its the last research item i need really, and even though a few of my looted weapons have them, they are locked to those guns only because there is no way for me to pull it off and get the knowledge i desire so much. (You could even make it so if i research a gun with these mods it just automatically gives me every schematic for every mod on it that i dont already have)