Detail isn't hard

Note: This isn’t a tutorial, it is a rant. Although I want everyone who is either new at mapping or just sucks at it to read this.

When I go onto ANY forum that is about the source SDK and making maps, I always see atleast one map that is just a blocky, fullbright, eye straining piece of ‘art’. When people reply to it saying,“Add more detail.” Or, “Pick better textures.” The creater either tells them to fuck off, or that they suck at detail. I just want to set one thing on line, DETAIL ISN’T HARD.

Take a look at this room:

What do you see? A blank room with two indents in the wall; not detailed at all, but yet sadly, it common in “my awesome 1337 map” maps. (AKA Some troll’s map) Let’s take a step back and think, “Hey, maybe if I add something more then just blocks, people will like my map better?”

Why look at that, I can already see a difference. And that took me like… 3 minutes? But it’s still a little bland, why not add some decals?

Better, except there all black. I wonder why? Oh, silly me, I have been forgetting the most important part of ANY map; LIGHTS!

Well, there you have it, a detailed map that originally, wouldn’t have gotten much downloads, but now, a lot more. (That is if you add some more rooms and etc.) And all at the expense of a little extra time. But why stop at lights? Ever heard of HDR?
-snip the HDR pic because it was horrid-

And I fail at HDR! I also never put a cubemap in these screens. And cubemaps can help alot! So do you get it now? Detailing maps is NOT hard, all it does is take a little imagination, and some extra time.

If only this could become a sticky. :sigh:

I don’t see any pictures. :smug:




you reuploaded them…

Oh, didn’t see you fixed em…

your rant is pretty right. to bad i lost my vmf project last month, where i used my imagination.

ONE PROBLEM: That HDR looks like shit.

Tis why I said I’m not even good at it. Shall I remove it?

Yes please

People are lazy and un-creative.

also, lol first post using my brand new account :stuck_out_tongue:

Color Correction can go a long way too, kids.

Oh, and ambience, one of the most important things actually, stop making completely silent maps.

Lights should have been second step.

This will sound odd but when im maping im trying to make everything that got with outputs and so working, then im adding props and details and last im adding lights. Why im adding lights at the end is becouse its much easier to work if i dont have to build lights everywhere to see whats wrong. But still, im adding the last details after i made the lights.

Geometry -> Lights -> Props -> I/O -> Final Details

Was my original plan, but steps can be taken in any order by anyone. It’s personal preference.

Can you share this map?

I wanna see it :3:

i liked that he showed lighting last, so maybe people could see that even if they add tons of detail, its going to look like shit no matter what if it’s fullbright.

I may make a thread like this tommorow but with more brush detail than prop detail

Does anyone know how to make a doorhandle like in rp maps? i thought it was a good place to ask couse its about detail

Geometry->I/O->Lights->CUBEMAPS->Color Correction->Props->Decals->Localized CC if needed.

Lights include HDR settings, tonemapping, etc.

A doorhandle is made automaticly when the map is compiled.

The things you see in the picture are the ONLY things you see in the entire map. This was a demostration.