Detail Sprite help

Ok. So for the past few hours, I’ve been trying to get some grass detail sprites onto a custom blended texture for an upcoming map… obviously. Anyway, I’ve taken a detail sprite texture, called “detailsprites” and I’ve put it into my custom texture directory, and I’ve told the VMT to have “JB/detailsprites” as the detail.

Material JB/GRASSYMUDGRASSYMUDBLEND uses unknown detail type JB/detailsprites!

That, and variations on the texture name over and over again for the different textures, is the error I get when I compile.

Help would be fantastic, as this map is pretty much entirely outdoors (save for a few STALKER-esque warehouses and buildings) so the outdoor aesthetics are very important.

So yeah. Ideas?

detail sprite textures have to be placed in the materials/detail folder


is this a custom sheet/vbsp?

It’s actually one that I found in garrysmod/materials/detail… so I don’t know. I’m assuming it isn’t. I moved it out of the detail folder because it didn’t work there either.

(Also, wow, fast response much? I’m used to the ZPS forums wherein a thread is lucky to get 2 views in a day…)

ha, guess it was the right time.

anyways, is there a detail.vbsp in the main root of the garrysmod folder?


actually add me on steam here, will be easier to explain

Problem was indeed due to a missing detail.vbsp. I was missing a gameinfo.txt a few days ago, so I’m wondering what other files may be missing.

I’ve now encountered a new error which states that too many detail props are being generated, and thus the map refuses to compile. Is there a way round this, or am I going to have to reduce the density of the detail props? I’d prefer to keep it as dense as possible.

what’s the density at?

2000, looking at the detail.vbsp. I’m using a new one which is 700 (I was using ‘redgrass’ and am now using ‘redgrass_light’)

It looks ok, but denser would be better. I’m trying to create a sort of atmosphere of abandonment and disrepair… basically my map is a STALKER map… I’ll post screenshots of it soon, most likely.

But yes. In short, the current density is 700. It didn’t work at 2000. I don’t know if this is based on just a small area, like what is immediately visible to the player, or if it based on detail props in the map as a whole. If it’s the latter. 700 is probably as dense as it’s going to get, as I intend to make the map somewhat larger.

Generally, I tend to create one highly detailed area to begin with so I know what kind of props I want to use and if, indeed, I have them. Once I’m happy with this area, I move on the rest of the map, laying it out and adding detail as I go. Not orthodox, I imagine, but it’s my way of doing things, and recently it’s been working pretty well.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.