Detail .vbsp list??

Does there happen to be a list of all known detail .vbsp sprite files anywhere for Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Half-Life 2? (Mostly required ones are the ones for TF2 and HL2)

42 views and noone knows?
I am dissapoint.

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Careful you might get banned for a meme.

Just extract the .vbsp with GCFScape and look for yourself.

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But there is only one? Forgive me If I seem stupid but this is my first time handling with these detail sprite files.


Either way I can’t open .vbsp files with Gcfscape, it gives me Could not open: D:/Games/Steam/steamapps/detail.vbsp Error: unsupported package type.

:suicide: you open detail.vbsp with notepad, I said extract it.

Oh. That worked better, thanks for letting me know :smile: