Detailed prop lighting and Such

Anyone know why - or how - to make it so these trees cast realistic shadows? also, the wooden beams on the porch are supposed to cast a shadow, and they are not. Solutions?

OH! and no matter where i move my light_env the light from the sun is always coming from the same place, why is this???

Thank you

You need to set the angle of the sun in your light environment properties. Moving it around the map doesn’t change anything.

As for the fancier shadows, go to the valve developer community (google it, don’t be lazy and waste your time asking for a link) and find out about light maps.

I know about lightmaps, although for whatever reason it’s not doing what i want it to do with the porch.

Try those. Also lightmaps

What about a shadow_control?

Some of that looks quite nice… +1 Artistic.
I’d like to see it with successful lighting…