Detailed Scenebuild Props by CK

****September 2017 update

*This update includes everything from the past plus photoscanned desert and forest rocks and architectural props

Download link is here : *****

Here’s some random ingame models from the pack and the stuff you can build with it:

An example of the different skins and the kinds of buildings you can build:

Random architectural tools which you can use to assemble buildings:

You can always google a classical building and try to build a replica of it in garry’s mod with these props.

Stuff you can build:

Elven interiors which include at least 40 different combinations of interior skins: (witcher geralt and litch not part of pack)

** end of 2017 update **

Stuff that’s in it includes all of the former props that I had to fix and more ( a lot of the castle props had holes and mistakes ):[/thumb]
All of these walls with all of these textures.

italian and castle roof parts including golden, copper, emerald, and colorable roofs

Crystals and yes, you guessed it. A dyson (can be used with gravity gun to toss at the combine - mass of dyson is 240 kg )

Colorable interior walls and ceilings ( used blue color tool to paint wall ).

Walls can be used as interiors as well. Includes ceilings and floor tiles.

Oh and a bunch of paintings from the screenshot section with candles and candelabras:



Previous UPDATE **

New Props include sharp rocks, cliffs, castle walls (the castle props are high poly models and have multiple skins!), windows, arches, new terrain, sand - twice as much stuff!

What’s included in update? The following thumbnails show:


End of Update 2016

Some scenebuild props with pictures that I’ve taken of nature in the past.

This pack includes a lot of ground, rocky, and cliff terrain as well as some architecture props such as columns, arches, and gothic building elements such as ceilings, windows, and walls.

Nearly all of the props have multiple skins.***

I also made them as props and not effects so you could use the prop resizer to make them bigger, thinner or thicker!

Here’s some examples of the stuff inside the pack and what you can build with it:

Gothic stuff (unedited)

You can also paint the terrain white with the material tool, making it look like snow
Prop resizer example.

I also recommend that you get these cool tools:

Prop resizer tool:

Stacker tool with randomizing option: (paste into garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder)

Advanced texturiser tool (this allows you to copy one material from any object and paste it onto another object):

It should also work for SFM as well.
How to install: simply dump everything into your materials and models folder in your garry’s mod ( you will find the props under Q menu > all > blender_stone and ck_concrete and ck_terrain)

These are incredible, Crazy Knife! Hope we can look forward to even more in the future!

One of the best releases in last several years.

Weren’t these already posted before?

We can always do with more scenebuild prop packs on here.

Can’t wait to test this in SFM, though I haven’t done scenebuilds as of late. Would black_void maps be preferable?

This has more stuff and isn’t full of errors like the unofficial release I did in the screenshot section.

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I don’t know much about SFM, but yes people have tested it with SFM and it seems to work, I guess black_void would do well.

I got the most wicked boner right now! Awesome pack, man!

What prop was used to create the sewer tunnel?

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Actually, I found it, though I’m curious how you made such a smooth tunnel with them.


The only problem i have with this pack is that there isnt more of it. Jesus christ this stuff looks beautiful

Stacker tool in garry’s mod. Idk if SFM has something similar.

It doesn’t, just basic duplication and such. Thank you though.

Gonna be tricky in SFM without a stacking tool, but I think I can manage putting the pieces together.

Can you show me your method to making rocks like that? I’ve been wanting to make some cool rocks myself.


Well, it’s trial and error. I’d say you should watch this tutorial, I watched this one


Holy shit these are so awesome!