Detailed Suggestions List for Rust

Hi, I’m Cheezeplz
and although I haven’t had any personal experience with the alpha yet (as keys are basically impossible to come by now) I have watched an excessive amount of the game on youtube/twitch. As I watched I realized how much potential this game has and I really wanted to give my input on how this game could get even better. I am fully aware that this game is currently in alpha and that it will drastically change within the coming months. I am also not a programmer or game designer so I do not completely understand the difficulty involved in implementing each feature (although I am knowledgeable in a little bit of coding). All I wanted to do is relay some thoughts to some players/admirers and see what they think. I am open to any constructive criticisms and would like your honest opinion on the subject. I will also be updating the list as I develop more thoughts (I just wanted to give you guys a taste of what I’m thinking). If you have a suggestion that you would like for me to add please leave a response. I will credit you if I like the suggestion and I will explain to you why I might dislike a suggestion. In addition to topical additions I am also looking into photoshopping some visuals for each suggestion. The problem was that it is hard to get the right image off a video, maybe when the game becomes beta and goes public or if I get a key I can update it but at the present time I have no means of getting the right shots for each visual example. Now with that aside here are my suggestions!

Introduce friend’s list, private text chat and friendly labeling
To make it easier on players to associate, communicate, and collaborate there should 3 minor features in the game:a list of friends displaying whether they are online or offline, means to privately chat through text, and a way of depicting fiends from foes. The first two features are fairly basic and go without saying. However the friendly labeling is something new I would like to see in the future. If a player’s crosshairs are on another player and the player presses a key the keyboard (ei. J) then they initiate the labeling process. The other player must do the same to the first player in order for them to be labeled. A green dot will appear above the player’s name and it will quickly indicate that the player is friendly from a large distance away.

Making this game a social experience is much of what rust is going for and the implication of all of these features will allow a more fluid experience. Players can easily determine if their friend is on. Players can also communicate on a more personal level through private text chat. Finally, friendly labeling will allow parties to roll out as a team and not be confused on who is who.

Introduce Public and Private Voice Chat
This is a fairly basic feature that is put into many games in order for complete strangers or good friends to communicate.

Overall voice chat adds to how fluid the game performs. It adds a feature not only to group communication but can play a role in PvP and bartering. A simple mechanic at that, but to my understanding a very complex mechanic to code for.

Introduce labeling a door
In Rust, a huge component is playing with a group. Along with that the groups fights, lives, and survives together. One major problem when building a house/fort for your group is that doors can only be opened by the person who places it down. In order for others to open the door there should be a feature where you place your crosshairs on a door and press a button on your keyboard (ei. J), it will then open a dialog box instructing who is able to open the door. Simply type in each player one name at a time and whoever is labeled on the door can open it

I believe that this minor addition could help many who group together and play Rust. It basically would allow unlimited access to the fort you and your comrades create.

Introduce a compass
A compass can be found in radiation areas and can also be crafted if in possession of the blueprints. When hotkeyed to a number it will allow the player to quickly navigate the land with a compass appearing on the top left-hand corner of the screen. The player does not have to hold the key and it will simply stay on the screen until the player switches to another item.

Having a very primitive means of navigating the map is always needed in a large games such as rust, and as the map is projected to get vastly bigger it would be fairly difficult for players to find out where they want to go, where they are, and where the enemy/friend is.

Introduce a map of the island
A map of the island can be found in radiation zones and will display a full screen representation of how the map looks like when a player clicks on it in their inventory (can not be crafted). When hotkeyed it will display the map in the top left-hand corner of the screen. The player does not have to hold the key and it will simply stay on the screen until the player switches to another item.

Although its usefulness might be low (as people might just copy online for everyone to see), it is a vital material needed to craft a mini map in-game. This map will be more of a crafting material than anything else but it will help anyone who is too lazy/can’t tab over while in-game.

Introduce a craftable Mini-Map
By gaining blueprints to the mini-map a player will have the ability to fuse the compass and the map of the island to create a mini map. The mini-map can be hotkeyed to a number and will allow the player to find out where they are going in real time. It will also detect gunshots of enemies if near-by and will display group members. The players does not have to hold the key and it will simply stay on the screen until the player switches to another item (no gun/axe out while having the mini-map on).

This new item will allow players to navigate the map and locate key features in real time. It will allow the player to know exactly where they are going and it give the player information on any nearby activity. To make sure this is balance I reiterate it must occupy your hands while it is used and can not be used while holding another item/weapon.

Introduce water & water meter
This meter would be placed right below the food meter and will act just as the food meter (but with water instead). A player simply needs to drink water to replenish this meter, failure to do so will result in damage to health from thirst. A player can drink water directly from a water source or consume water via a storage container. Player could be able to craft various different types of containers and will have to fill them up by locating a water source.

Adding another level of survival and reliance on anther resource will cause players to incorporate another element to their plans and time. More complexity is good when it comes to RPG games; it makes the game feel more realistic and the more elements in the game, usually the better.

Introduce a crop resource and farming mechanic
Crops, just like other resources, would spawn randomly throughout the world. Crops would be gathered just as other resources (via melee). One could decide to eat the raw resource, use it as an ingredient for cooking, or gather enough to craft a seed which would then enable the player to plant the crop. Eating the raw crop will yield very poor results to one’s food meter (similar to how raw vs cooked food is now). A player could also use these crops to help them cook high-energy food (cooking mechanic explained later). Finally, the crop acts just as much as another medium of expression/building as it is a form for one to self sustain without going out and searching for food. Crafting a seed will require a large amount of the crop. The crops can only be planted on the ground through the red/green placement mechanic that occurs in all other things that are placed (no planting inside a house, on second story, etc.). Placing a seed in the ground will present a small hump in the ground. In order for it to grow one must water the plant and wait for it to mature. Watering the plant will require a waterer which must be filled with water. The same method for cutting/mining would be used to water the patch, hotkey and hitting (except it will not be unlimited and will spray water instead of swinging). Each crop will have a different need of water per day and each will have different maturing times.

I believe giving players more options creates a more enjoyable experience that gives the ability for one to experience the game differently each time they play it. It also adds to the creativity one can express through the custom-based experience of building one’s own house/fort/shack. Not only would the player be able to build their own house but also their own garden/farm. Not only would it be an atheistic piece but it would also play a role in necessity as well by acting as another resource. This mechanic is also a great platform that can help spawn various other mechanics within the game like cooking and specialized tools like sythes. Overall, it would be a great addition however I understand it would be hard to implement.

Introduce different types of crops
I believe to fully complete the farming mechanic there must be a variety of crops available to players. Each should be different in rarity, food health, water needed to mature, and mature life cycle.

For Example

This next level of complexity will add to the player’s overall experience It will make the player more invested into learning and will make the game have a bigger skill level. This will also assist in creating the cooking mechanic. Having variety not only is refreshing but also more complex which will lead itself into becoming a complete, established resource.

Introduce a cooking mechanic
To complement the agriculture, cooking is the next obvious suggestion that should be put into place. After a player gathers various different meats and crops they could then create super high-energy food by using a heat source. A player must first obtain a recipe book in order to cook these meals, playing similar to the crafting mechanic. However one won’t have to have a recipe ‘blue-print’ for each meal, they would only be one big book that will enable you to combine resources on a heat source. The player enters the fire’s inventory and on the left there should appear a side-bar indicating “cooking” if they have a recipe book in their personal inventory. This menu bar then shows various recipes and the resources required to cook these (exactly like how crafting is). To cook one places the resources in the fire’s inventory and clicks the food on the side-bar menu in which they want to cook. Following that a progress bar will be placed on the bottom showing the time it finish. Basically, just like crafting but with food. Only you need a heat source and you can leave the fire and let it cook all the food (instead of slowly moving around).

Adding another skill to the game is not only rewarding and enjoyable but it also adds to the game’s personality based experience and complexity. More options is always better for the player and it is variety that keeps all games fresh.

Have each type of melee weapon/tool specialize in obtaining a certain resource
Each type of tool would excel in a particular resource and would yield more resource in a faster time. There would be a big advantage to those who pick the right tool for the right resource. Any other resource outside the tool’s specialization will yield less of other resources across the board in a slower manner.

For Example
Wood - Axe
Rock - Pickaxe
Meat – Knife
Crop - Sythe

By doing this the game will be more diverse, comprehensive, and immersive. This could help define the resource mechanic more clearly and will give players more options on how to harvest resources for crafting/building. Players in a group can divide labor, making for a more complex and peer-reliant game play dynamic. Players who are also over-achievers can be given the option to build up their tool arsenal, providing another goal/task to accomplish. This and much more is possible when there are specialized tools in the game.

Then the generic

more guns, more types of rocks, more types of fires, more types of building material, bigger map, more players, more attachments, more axes, more etc.

I appreciate you reading and like I said previously, if you have anything to say be sure to say it. I’m interested in what you all think.

                                          Cheezeplz (hope its not a bad first post :)

Better than most - but there is no point suggesting more features until bugs have been fixed and core game play elements implemented.

I’ve seen every single suggestion you posted many many times and I don’t see a point in spending so much time on this. Perhaps if you could come up with newer/not already suggested suggestions, then something might get done.

Just a sidenote - suggesting things without actually playing the game is a horrible idea. Also, suggesting things that people have already suggested so many times before won’t get you a key.

I understand that there are plenty of bugs that need fixing and that the dev teams are having many issues within the game as it stand. But I just wanted a concise list of some possible things to be considered when going forward in developing the game. I am aware that the game is constantly getting updated and new things are getting put in the game. Granted these things (steel doors) have been thought of long before its implication I know it takes a while for things to get through. that reminds me…doors

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Can a coach in a sports game still have input on how the team preforms? Yes, so I think without playing I can have some thoughts on the game that can be constructive. I am aware that many people suggest things here and I just wanted a concise, detail list (in attempts to consolidate all the ideas into 1 thread) Also I am posting this to express my thoughts on the game and possible improvements, not to get a key.

The only reason you are posting this is to try and get a key, which won’t work.

The only reason you are posting this, as you did in like many other threads, is to make people bad… -.-

I really enjoyed reading a nice and clean post like this one and agreed with most of the ideas. I think 80% of your thoughts will be implemented for sure but are not that important in an closed pre-alpha environment such like friendlists or tool spezialisation. Still thumbs up for giving us a clear overview of your thoughts I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Welcome to facepunch. I suggest you look at some of the other boards to get a grip at the kind of community here - there is no such thing as destructive criticism.

I think farming doesn’t really fit in with the unstable environment (and the last thing we need is Farmville idiots).

Nomadic societies and hunter-gatherer tribes are known to forage what they can from their surroundings. There’s no time to farm crops, which take months to grow, when you could be chased out of your home and slaughtered like an animal.
There’s also no point in farming when you can live off the land.

Just shut up, in Rust you can build bases so I doubt that someone that has permanent location would not grow some food. jesus.

“Permanent” until you get raided or until you log out and someone replaces all your doors while you’re offline. This is what I mean when I say Farmville idiots…

That’s a nice way to talk to someone.

But like it was said before they need foundation before they start build on top of it (from my own experience). Don’t expect any new features any time soon.

Farming might not be the worst idea but it should take a long period of time to grow something (2 days in real life).

They could also do actual cutting down trees so that you are capable for example destroy a barricade with a falling tree, or make a bridge from one place to another with the tree.

But like i said don’t expect anything anytime soon

I disagree, farming along side with many other new features would work good in a game like Rust. There is plenty of new things that easily fit this game formula correctly. You talk about nomads but there are also players that just want to settle down. Giving the player the option to choose more things is (for the most time ) always better. Plus if there are no settled people than who can these nomadic raiders, raid? Other nomads?

I like the map and door labeling idea