Detailed telepad stool

Hey, I might be asking for a little too much here but I was wondering if someone would make me a stool that creates a kind of telepad thing. I am aware that there are many other things like this but I would like one where you would be able to edit many aspects of the telepad like model, effect of teleport, recharge time, powerup time, sound of teleport ect. You could make it have a sort of frequency system where if you created two telepads on the same freequency they would teleport you between them. It would be good if it could teleport both players, npcs and props (and maybe you could even specify between them). This could be made compatible with wire and/or have key emulations.

I know you can make effective telepads with wire but i’m asking for one that is very customisable, with all the settings I said before.


No one’s willing to have a go then? Or at least to politely call me an idiot and tell me that one exists already?

Sorry, useless for me to say;

It’s a really good idea, like it a lot.
-Sucks- i do not know lua to do this.
But i’ve seen some tf2 ents, telepads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I like the tf2 telepads but, as I said before, I would really appreciate a fully customisable one. But thanks for at least replying.