Details on the people who are hacking

Hello everyone,

The people who are hacking the servers are French and they have Team speak. The id to enter the channel is -no- There is no password. As a member f Rust from the beginning i know how annoying it is not to play this game so this is my part to help the community out.

Now everyone lets hatchet these French twats!


(User was banned for this post ("you're not helping, search before you post" - postal))

Ahh, yes, so obviously french = hacker then? :downs:

I have been on there teamspeak and they are speaking FRENCH with a FRENCH accent

Yes, join their TeamSpeak and give the hackers your IP address. Good idea.

Unless my ISP’s servers are running the same dated Ulink library I don’t think they will do anything with your IP.

There’s a lot they can do with your IP. Especially if yours is static.

[sarcasm]I am pretty sure they will individually ‘hack’ everyone who has joined their server.[/sarcasm]

You aren’t IDing their IP’s or steam ID, just their race/nationality

What does being french have to do with anything? That’s not proof and that doesn’t Identify who they are.

I think the bigger question here is. How would one know or even find out who the attackers were unless you were one of them yourself? Was this attack claimed and posted somewhere?

this is like blaming the jews on WW2

Actually this is like blaming the Germans for WW2… Blaming the Jews would be like saying that Rust Garry and his development team are DDosing the servers.

i never liked history, i liked throwing jokes and running away though

You should get in their TS and ask them to stop DDOSing for 5 minutes so I can get out of the house I just raided… It’s going to be really awkward if those guys log on at the same time as me.

However Unlike the Germans, The British like me and the Americans will always come out the other side triumphant

Nazis, not Germans…