Detecive Weapon Help

Hey guys, i’ve recently started a server and wanted to add some custom detective weapons. I wanted to add the m9k harpoon but it doesn’t seem to work, can anyone help with the code:

What exactly is the problem? We need the error + code, you only gave us 183 lines of code… How are we meant to know what to look for?

Judging by your code, you simply shoved the default harpoon onto your TTT server and expected it to work right away

Well, TTT sweps are a bit different, you need to add some variables into them if you want them to show up, as opposed to just drag and drop. In future, next time you get a problem like this, take some time to read through the already existing TTT weapons and you should be able to figure it in no time

As a reference, read through this guide, it’s very simply to convert stuff once you get the hang of it;

Sorry for the lack of info, i was just anxious to get started and thanks Niandra.