Detect if an entity (or a number of them) is in an area

So I know how to do k,v pairs, ents.FindByClass etc. but what I want to do is ‘a bit more complicated’, to say the least. So say you want 4 entities in a control-point like area; or rather, on an entity. So it’s like a control point. I would want 4 entities of a specific type on it. I looked around for examples but I can’t really find something to just detect an area on/relative to an entity. (in this case, it would be a van prop and I want money entities in the back)


ents.FindInBox() would actually be better for this purpose, it looks like. Although I don’t know how to define the position for detection.

-------------------JUST CHANGE THIS 2 VECTORS---------------------
local min = Vector(0,0,0)
local max = Vector(32,32,32)
--Everythin between this points will be detected.

local find_entities = ents.FindInBox( min, max )