Detecting a clan tag in a name AND where are the default guns stored?

  1. Say if somebody has [Facepunch] in there steam name it would give them double points in the pointshop addon, how would I do this? I saw some other servers do it and I want to know how to do it
    BTW:I know the code to give them more points I just want the code which detects a part of a quote in the name.

  2. Guns such as the smg(weapon_smg1) where in the server files are they stored, if at all?
    Or are they stored in the client and i have to drag them to the server?

Thanks in advanced.

Give it the player’s name and have it look for a clan tag.

Probably can use also.

And not sure about your 2nd question.

For the second question, all those HL2 weapons are not coded in lua.
They should automatically be in your server and be accessible to Garry’s Mod, if you have HL2 installed on your server.
Just searched for it and this is the source code:

It would be pretty easy to exploit your first idea. I see what you are trying to do, but I would approach it in a different way.

I’m pretty sure there was a module that used the steamapi to retrieve a player’s steam group, that would be a far better less exploitable way of going about it.

Thanks, it worked.

And guns installing Half Life 2: Episode 2 seemed to work for the weapons.