Detecting errors with lua

So, I’ve been working on a project recently and for something I would like to do in it, it requires me to be able to detect lua errors from the server.
I’ve attempted to use the luaerror module to no avail.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes it’s pretty outdated.
Your best bet would be fetching console log and going through it with lua… unless someone gives you another module that is (which would be fuckton better)

How would I go about fetching console log, is there some sort of buillt-in function that I can call or is there a module that can grab it?




He asked for DETECTING errors, not THROWING errors.

I’m trying to detect when a lua error ocuurs - in the sense of (possibly) a callable hook, not how to run one.

Didn’t refresh thread haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I talked to him - he thought that you can detour funcs and have them call your hooks/functions for output - but last time I’ve checked, lua errors were using internal functions, so the ones he listed are basically just for scripters to throw errors.

I made sure of that:

Ah, ok. Thanks anyway :stuck_out_tongue: