Detective Jim Badass in a warehouse full of criminals

Meet Detective Jim Badass:

Is he supposed to look like Billy Mays?

Uh, no, the only thing that might be similar to Billy Mays is the beard. Besides, Billy Mays is badass, so looking like him just increases the level of badassiness.

Remind of max payne but more hard core.

Is it a reskinned Billy Mays model? Because it looks like.

Billy Mays is male 2. This is male 6. Billy Mays is fatter. Billy Mays doesn’t have the pistol holsters.
So, no.

Okay. It’s still awesome and BADASS.

he’s gonna go oxy-clean on their asses…:smiley:
i know it’s not billy mays but i had to do it

he’s wearing billy may’s shirt too lol

light blue with sleeves rolled up

Nice! You gonna release?

He’s a hard boiled cop who doesn’t play by the rules. His beard shaved Chuck Norris’ and His eyebrows move less than Anthony Sullivan’s. He’s JIM BADASS.

Not bad, the model would do great as an NYPD kind of guy, or Mark Wahlberg’s character in The Departed…

Maybe a contender for Jack Hunter, eh?

Max Payne’s best friend in the 4th grade.

Now that is a tale to be told :smug:

Maybe they’ll team up in the next issue.

We’ll see.

Reminds me of my picture…

Definity badass

Bad ass pictures!

Billy mays?