Detective Melon Comic

Here’s a comic I made today, I’m trying to find out if I am the only person who thought this might be funny.
If you got any improvement ideas just tell me, I don’t have anything better to do than imagining a life of a talking melon anyway. God damnit.

The idea isn’t exactly original, there used to be tons of comics like these based off Clover’s original idea of having an inanimate object as a spy. Still, it hasn’t been seen for a good while, so I’ll give you that.

You do need to work on your posing and editing, in my opinion. Both seem very lazy and effortless, and there’s stuff like a repeated panel for no reason that just shows you didn’t even re-read it before posting.

Also it’s huge. It’s entertaining enough, but having to scroll back and forth to read is not exactly conducive to enjoyment. If you make a comic no larger than about 1000-1400 pixels, it should fit on most people’s monitors pretty well.

The posing problems are especially noticeable with the guy they chase at the end. It looks like he’s just flopping his arms around as he flees.

And yeah, you should make the pictures smaller.

It’s a tried-and-true concept, just work on posing and general layout stuff and you’ll have a good comic.

I thought for sure that secret agent whiskey would be his partner lol

Entertaining comic, good work.

1.) Work on your posing. Download the ragdoll mover may help.

2.) Your pages doesn’t need to be that big. I usually have my pages at around 40cm by 60cm.

3.) I don’t know if you were making comics back when PHW was around. But the Clover and Whisky thing Mythos and mcharest refer to is Secret Agent Whisky. It is a comic about a secret agent who is a whisky bottle. If the melon thing is your original idea, props to you.

Thanks for the feedback,
I didn’t know someone already made those Agent Whiskey comics. I also hadn’t done anything with Gmod in years, as you saw on the posing xD
I got myself this nice Ragdoll mover and I’ll shorten the next comics :>

Freeman in the background is a nice touch.