Detective work: 23rd & Elm

Just an idea that had been floating around in my head for days, and I finally put it to paper. I like how it came out.
Just two detectives documenting and photographing evidence…

No blockades or crime scene tape?

posing is stiff, blood doesn’t have the right perspective to it, doesn’t look like its quite on the floor
the atmosphere is great though, has a dark, mysterious creepy feeling to it

Well, besides the abandoned cab, there is a police car blocking the road way in the background and I had planned to have them blocking whatever streets were in view. It may have been hard to notice because they are marked differently, but one is a map model [foreground] and one is not. Just pretend they are city and highway.

Yeah, I couldn’t quite get the blood to match up right, so I thought that was as good as it would get.


But they’re not.

Actually, they are. The one on the foreground says ‘Metro’ on the side, indicating that it is a metropolitan area squad car, and the other does not, but both say New York. That would imply one is not a ‘Metro’ squad car.

You said you had planned to have them blocking side streets. They aren’t visible on those side streets. Also, why would the police pull right up next to a dead body?

That is the dead officer’s car, note the NYPD patch on his arm. Also, he is pressed against it, sort of implying that it was there when he fell.

It’s a nice screenshot all-in-all, but there are several problems.
In real life, you need to isolate the scene, call in police, dust for prints, etc before you start touching the evidence with your grubby hands. Unless the male officer is pulling out his own firearm instead of holding one he found at the scene, which I’d imagine would be bad gun disciple anyways.

Editing in some latex gloves wouldn’t hurt either (i.e. recoloring the hands in photoshop or something)

I know that’s a lot of picky real life stuff, but you could have put that into your screenshot. Conveniently, yellow tape and other police officers can be found here.
Also, no self-respecting forensic examiner would wear a hat like that.

The blood looks quite drawn on, the camera angle leaves so much empty space and the posing on the woman looks pretty stiff.

I’ve seen much better from you.

That guy in the hat is farting.

Woah, what map is that?
And posing seems a little stiff on the male detective.