Detectives, you have a new mission

Cliché arch nemesis face-off.

You have ruined my plans once again, but I’ll get you next time, RED Spy!

This really makes me want to modify the Stylish Spy’s body onto the Heavy so we could have an actual detective heavy

cool, still

Do it faggot! :smiley:

Something tells me I’ve seen this before.

but still nice posing.

With pleasure… Oh shit, what I am saying

Great posing.

Too many TF2 poses… lol.

This is a really cool picture, but the only thing that bothers me is the revolver that the Heavy is holding, it looks kinda out of place. I think it would looker even cooler if he was holding the Big Kill instead.

This is a good case of near-perfection marred by missed chances and haste.

You clearly know what you’re doing as a GMod user. Your poses are all acceptable from a technical standpoint. What you didn’t do was take the extra steps to make this an impressive bit of humorous tension.

  • What timman says is true: the Heavy is funny precisely because he is never, ever to be found without Big Kill. It doesn’t matter whether he’s on the battlefield, or trying to save a single hostage in a tight alleyway. Know what suits a character in your scene, especially if they’re characters with existing personalities that can be exploited to the delight of your viewers. (The hat is great.)
  • Lotsa feet aren’t touching the ground, and the shadows aren’t very cool to look at. If you encounter a technical flaw in the shot, it’s best to remove it, especially if it’s easy as cutting out the bottom of the shot. Which brings me to my next point…
  • The dead scout gets in the way, adding needless clutter in the shot. He is well-posed, but his Source blood stain looks unnatural (it should be a pool, if there’s even that much blood to begin with), and there is little context/relevance to his state; my concern instantly fell to the situation about to unfold between those still alive, so capitalize on their action.
  • I haven’t worked with the TF2 models, but if they have a face-poser, you should consider adding noticeable differences between facial expressions, which would look really good on a zoomed-in shot. The Heavy always looks funny with a hysterical or psychotic expression, and his spy buddy should look like a man with a plan.
  • If you’re doing post-GMod editing, consider strengthening the lights and colors a little bit, and dealing with aliasing issues.

All that said, it’s still pretty good. :slight_smile:

The spy and detective fatass is on the case, Nice picture bro.

What map is that?
all the other Tf2 maps are crappy for posing

Good thing she’s wearing a red dress, Spy and Heavy can shoot right through her.