Determine cause of server freezes

Hi all,

I’m running TTT on a dedicated Ubuntu 14 server and it’s frequently experiencing freezes.
The server never crashes, but it does freeze without ever recovering and requires a restart.
This started happening a lot more frequently after the July 10th update, before that they were negligible, but now they happen up to 10 times per day now.
I’ve put quite a bit of debugging into this already, and I’ve determined about 60-70% of the freezes happen when game.CleanUpMap is called.
Now this function is overridden by Tommy228’s Damagelogs, but the only thing that does is add filters to prevent damagelogs from being cleared.
The other times it seems to happen during the middle of the round when nothing significant happens.
Is there anything further I can do to determine the cause of freezes short of removing every addon one by one?
If needed, I can switch to Windows Server if that will provide better debugging tools.

Thanks in advance for any help.