Dethklok Klokateer Player Model/Ragdoll/NPC?

I am making a request to the GMod modeling community to model a Klokateer. It seems that a lot of people here on the forums watch the TV show Metalocalypse(If on an off chance you have no idea what this is click here.).

What Klokateers basically are are the security, servants, and army of the band Dethklok. Essentially, they are the Redshirts of the Dethklok company, as it seems at least a few dozen die every other episode.
A Klokateer:

Due to a severe lack of decent descriptive images, here is a JewLube video instead that’s much better:

Description from Wikipedia:

So, would it be possible to make a player model or NPC, or at the very least a good ragdoll of a Klokateer?

I like this idea. That would be freaking Brutal!

Yes. Is brilliant ideas. Makes this sos wes can has our servants.