detonation sequence on cupboards

So when players get raided they usually move on to another location. leaving there house behind to SLOWLY decay over several days. This causes the land where the player had built to be unbuildable, the server to lagg and it looks quite messy having all these blown up houses around.
What i suggest is that cupboards have a detonation sequence that can either be initiated by the raiders or by the owner. both parties can also deactivate it. So what would happen when the sequence hit 0 is that every player made block in the cupboards area will get destroyed including the cupboard. If the raiders initiated it, the timer could be like 36 hours so the owner would have time to deactive it. if the owner(guy who placed the cupboard) initiated it, the timer would be maybe 30 minutes to an hour. I think this would free up alot of room for players to build and help reduce the server lagg.

Only problem with that is raiders could get in, destroy your tool cupboards then place there own and set it off. Then you’d have 30 minutes to log in or your house would be totally gone.

Plus a lot of people are dicks and fill the inside of your house with blocks so you can’t get to the tool cupboards after you’ve been raided anyway and if I raider really wants to wreck your base, why give you the chance to save it getting to the cupboard and turning the detonation off? They’d just fill it with even more blocks so it’s totally unusable to troll you.

We have discussed this before.
make it 24 hours… if a player sees he has lost everything and rages, his land vanishes.
if a new cupboard is placed, then detonated it will also be at 24 hours.

A lot of bases are abandoned after a raid and i do believe a tweaked/fair version of this will be good no?

(I hate clutter… and living by an airport, i see shit stone 2x2’s with holes in the sides everywhere )

Edit - Has to be a main cupboard, and all buildings in its area crash down from a 100% decay setting