Detonator doesn't blow props

Hello there !
I just beginned to play Gmod since few weeks and i really like this stuff =D. But here’s my problem, I have installed addon Wiremod 2 days ago and i try to familiaze with this, but there is something i can’t understand.
When a put a denatore on a bareel for exemple, i wire it with a numepad input and make it blow. So the detonator explose but not the bareel. I’ve been searching for some options to counter that problem but can’t found.
I know it’s for sure a noob thing, but please someone can help me ? =)
Thank you for reading !

Are you sure you’re using the explosive barrel?
Only the red one with “Flammable” printed on it can explode.

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Yes this is the only one i use

Does the barrel blow up if you shoot/hit/ignite it?

Yes i have also checked this up !

Is it really such a problem ?

Change your avatar, please?

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Also, what options are there on the detonator in the menu?

Well, it’s something strange cause i got only the 2 models of detonator and the damage value…

Try messing with the damage value then.

I have already try every values i can imagine, 0;10,100,500,1000,2000,10000,50000, etc… no result… :frowning: