Deus ex gamemode

I can map. Sadly that’s it. Mostly based of deus ex with some ideas of my own.

The game is set in urban areas. Rats and other geneticaly enginered animals are on the streets along with the majority of the now homeless people. Some people mannaged to recode the grey death (a nanite virus made by the goverment behind the goverment known as majestic 12 to control the population) in order to give certain people functioning nano augmentations. (work was destroyed after by the group). Factions are based of the ones ingame and the players can serve anyone they want. With many methods to complete an objective

Players-There are skills, augments,items and clothing. These apply to npcs in the world. Npcs will also have augments, skills and usable clothing.

The player can choose his base body and One or two skills to start off better with.

skills include computers,electronics,lockpick,mellee,pistols,rifles,explosives,heavy weapons,swiming and medicine. Nothing dictates what you can and cant use, only your proficiency at it (speed at unlocking, accuracy, medicine effectiveness etc)

new **augments **need to be found or given. They can be upgraded by lots of use or an upgrade device. They should have trees ( cloak upgrading could offer the choice of less power usage or allow the player to ignore lasers)

(maybe, in after a few versions we could aim at doing mechanical augments that allow players to switch body parts for ones with different effects)

Items… An inventory system like deus ex might be hard (tetris within gmod? ). Something like numbers might be good ( a sniper takes up 4 whilst a medkit or pistol takes up 1)
For clothing people start of with street clothes. Wearing faction clothes paints you into a faction and wearing the clothes of different opposing factions make them both shoot you. Also many clothes should have effects (less bullet damage, louder footsteps, bigger inventory,water breathing, temporary cloak etc)

Gameplay Elements
Lean if possible.
good stealth system
Computer use
electronic and mechanical locks
The rpg elements
The npcs
Seeing things differently with augs (i have an idea where one aug lets you see laser tripwires and hear silent alarms. It’s upgrade makes robots and cameras cast a light where they can see like scarecrow levels from arkham asylum)
Parkour movement would be nice, although not neccisary.
Shift (sprint) can be made faster with augments and allow augmented jumping
strengh upgrades allowing the player to pick up heavier things and throw things harder. This should include people if the player gets it upgraded enough.
buttons that do things. "I"might open the inventory whilst “J” might use an active augment
faction system
Basic quests

The map

Currently on version 0.00000003

Old pictures are old. And the map will be more than four times larger

My skybox is looking bad so i havent taken any pictures of things above ground and The sewers need some work. Plus i only have 9 buildings and it looks so empty. If you think i need to do a change now,chances are i think the same. Although you can make suggestions when it’s further done.

Current features
-small sewers with a base inside and security
-A few citizens.
-Multiple and interesting paths to get too places

  • Some small interiors to places
  • nice lighting
  • Currently 1600 by 1600ish

Planned features
-Two warehouses
-Sewers that can take you places

  • Large map. Valve sized
    -The hobos that made up 50% of deus ex’s non soldier population

What are players going to be doing while playing?

Completing NPC issued quests around the map?

yes. But you are encouraged to stop people from doing quests against your faction

Nothing will ever amass to the real game. Just buy the fucking thing instead of making it in Gmod.

Got the “fucking thing” in all it’s glory and faults. (although i dont have invisible war) . A multiplayer version would be good

Radioactive sandbox? Was I the only one thinking this?

Edit: What you’re sort of looking for.

no i did too lolol

That’s probably for the best.

There may be a difference between wide open outdoor fallout environments and condensed urban areas with supermen running around avoiding robots.

Take Radioactive sandbox and expand/modify it to the “Deus ex” way you want it.

Already working on something very, very similar.

What a shame.

Whatever… Where is the hell is screenshot?
Give us some media for judge your gamemode.


My guess is he has none? Correct me if I’m wrong.

You are right for now.

ohh!! explain?

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Cyberpunk Roleplay.

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That map has a whole lot of 0s in the version.
Seriously though. That screenshot barely shows us anything.