Deus Ex: HR weapon rips/ports/voodoo extraction

so yeah, im here to request a few or if you have time, all of the Deus Ex hummen revolution weapons

just all the basic stuff

combat rifle
stun gun
sniper rifle
machine pistol
Rocket launcher
heavy rifle
plasma rifle
laser rifle

and you are feeling extra, extra helpful and friendly, the DLC weapons if possible

this includes

double barrel
silenced AP sniper
grenade launcher

thank you for your time

You wouldnt prefer the beautiful augmentations?

eh, weapons are the main thing im interested in for posing

No male 07 putting on an incredibly stupid and unrealistic face as he examines his robotic arm?

just get me guns

I’m sure the Revolver is on Toybox, though I might be mistaken. But the weapons would be sweet.