Deus ex (human revolution and the original- but nobody gives a fuck about invisible war )

I saw an Adam jensen request but id realy like lots more from the two games

Here’s just a silly list of great stuff that could be ported or made.

Nsf terrorists
unatco guys
The beautiful auto-shotgun and assault rifle. Maybe the dragon tooth sword.
the mutants (greasles , karkians and grays)
The robots
Men/women in black (best to reskin a better model) ( i would love to have these as npcs with the robotic voice and exploding on death)
augmented people (gunther ,
mj12 commandos

Human revolution
The robots (especialy the big ones)
The more interesting soldiers
The black ops team ( barret, woman , that guy)
probably the suited guys for making glorious Men in black reskins
Augments or augmented people

I happen to strongly disagree about no one caring for IW.

It’s just slow work.

That said - as DX1 is concerned you might want to wait for the HDPD mod first.

As to MIBs and WIBs was thinking of doing those one time. Might still. But as DX projects are I want to finish the DXIW trainee first and then put together some sort of Anna Navarre.

…What is that phallic shape around her crotch?

her… loincloth?

Did you even take a glance at the reference?

Well for DX1 models, all we need are some HD textures and Turbosmooth :v:

i wonder if there is anyway to extract models from Deus Ex ps2 version, because models look much better on there
however, i have some DX IW models already in t pose (made for gta few months ago) if you need it (alex gayton, omar trader, tracer tong)

I diddn’t notice any difference between the PC DX and the PS2 after looking at some videos. Would be better to just wait for HDTP to finish, use those textures and models