Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Awesome civilian future vehicle models) I need help.

As said in the threads title. I need help. Might not take that much to solve my problem.
I’m trying to extract the model files from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Mainly vehicles, but other props might come too.

Pictures of the vehicles I’m trying to get:

It’s basically:
3 ordinary civilian cars
1 police car
1 cargo truck
1 armored truck
1 large trailer truck
1 forklift
2 bikes.

And now, the problem.
All files are archived in “.000”, “.001”, “.002”, “.003” etc. formats.

I’m trying to port, or extract files and models. Not rip them, but I don’t know how to extract/open the archives.
I’ve been looking around but found no solution that worked for me. Could be really simple, anyone know?

I’d love to see content ported from DXHR as well. I know some people have ported some characters on XNAlara, but I haven’t seen anything else.

This request has my support.

what program are you using to extract them?

He said he’s searching for a program to do it/a person to do it, I think.
Pretty sure he’s just looking at whatever is in the game’s folders.

Yeah, I’m just looking for something to be able to open the archives that the game stores all the files in.
And those tools. I’ll try them out!

I haven’t figured out how your supposed to use those tools. Maybe I’m just an idiot, but anyone know how to use these?

I’m currently trying to install .NET framwork 4. I need it for the tools, but it fails to install correctly so far. Soon I might have fixed it, though.

I’m guessing you drag the file you want to edit onto any of those .exe files.

Let me know if you make any progress. I’m very interested in this myself.

I’m having trouble with .NET framework. Can’t fix it now, therefor I can’t use the tools yet. Will get better a better pc this week hopefully. All should work then.

Hopefully there’s even more cars in the game available. Those are all the useful ones I’ve found yet by searching on the internet, and in my very limited time in the actual game.

Ricks tools can only get textures, I tried, and not all of them at that. You will have better luck trying a ripper.

There must be some way to open the archives. I’ve been told a few programs that can read .iso files can open them, if you rename them to .iso or if you compile them into one. I’m lost there, though.

I hope somebody will start ripping content because all of my attempts have failed (no ripper I’ve found seems to work on my OS)

Damn these would be reall good. Would olso love to see some armor from DXHR like Spec-ops. There is almost none content ripped from this awsome game that has great stuff.

There’s a few extractors on xentax, but I don’t think anyone ever made a model converter. The only way as far as I know was ripping stuff on a 32 bit install.

32 bit install you say? I’ve been refurbing my tower recently and it still has a 32 bit install of vista. I still have 3Dripper DX on there. Only piece of this puzzle I don’t have is the PC version of Deus Ex: HR. If I can get that, I can rip and unskew these things no problem. I just need the game. Now, is it possible to rip from the steam version, or do I need a disk-based one?

i’m not sure if that’s a car or a trash can

All versions of deus ex HR are steam based. Though you still might have no luck with a vista install - XP though is a sure bet.

I was just asking because I don’t want to run into the issue I had with splinter cell conviction, where the ripper only works on the disc-based version. I know that all versions of Deus Ex HR uses steam as its DRM. As for the OS, I’ll see what I can do, but I’m still refurbing that tower, and the last thing I want to do is give it an older OS so half of my programs don’t work. So I’ll try it with the vista install, but if there’s no dice there, I can’t help. I’m not screwing up my video editing rig just to help some random kid.

Could always try to load up a crack to get over it. I do know that that works with the STEam based version of conviction.

Plus as long as you actually own the game, there should be no issues with legality.