Deus Ex:Human Revolution Character Models


if you port any of these give credit for ripping, also post your ports here to.
Basically request shit for me to rip here i will occasionally post stuff i have already ripped

My Rips
Tong Si Hung[/T]
MJ12 Spec ops
Bell Tower Merc 1
David Sarif
Diamond chan

Malik No picture

Rips not by me

Yelena Federova


Nice! If you have more models, post them too. :slight_smile: Thnaks for those. :slight_smile:

i thought people would be requesting models like a mother fucker :v:

but im gonna get more bell tower guys

I would request but i haven’t played the game, So i don’t know any of the models ingame :v:

or perhaps i only know one, He’s called Sarif or something, that would be nice if you could grab him.

nice models!


the mercs look sexy as fuck great job man!

Thank you!


their armor is supposed to resemble medieval knights if i remember correctly

and it looks awsome

before anyone do it: DON’T SAY “I DIDN’T ASKED FOR THIS” or sth like that. please…

I don’t know about the structure of the game but maybe it’s possible to rip some architecture pieces. For scenebuild needs ofcourrse.
And props, especcialy those nice glowing things everywhere:

Thanks for these models! Resource threads like this are not valued as highly as I think they should be. I often wish there was a place where modders for all games simply exchanged resources. As far as requests go, more bell tower guys would be awesome… but whatever you post is welcome. Thanks also for including the color mask files. They will be helpful.

The glows things might need illumination maps in source

the Detroit cops would be nice to see rigged

Motor City Bangers with their bling augments.

Normally, I wouldn’t dare impose, but since you have the resources, hehe, would you mind porting Namir, Burke and Barrett by any chance? If that’s a bit much, then please disregard this post.

Either way, VERY nice work!

i will get these when im done with some models i got

Thank you very much.

The greatest thing that you could probably do here is to Seperate some parts of the models (notably the augs) So that people can mix/match things.


internet hug