Deus Ex Human Revolution?

I’ve been watching this section and so far nobody has asked for it I think. So, is it possible to get some models from the leaked beta? FYI it’s not illegal to download it, Square Enix/Eidos said that they don’t care.
PS-I also know it’s possible to get models from the original Deus Ex since it runs on a modified Unreal Engine, anyone willing to do that?

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I agree.

But is your vision augmented?

No, I just use my GEP Gun.

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I would absolutely love this, I hope someone figures it out.

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It’s going to be a pain in the ass for people to rip that.

Well Apparently is uses something called the crystal engine, i hope someone finds a way to port from it soon

Guess there will be more interest in this thing once it’s released which isn’t that far so I’m staying optimistic.

*Crystal Dynamics Engine

I’m assuming that nothing’s been ported at all? or even attemped? I haven’t seen a single thing so far.

Adam Jensen was ported, but with very… mixed results. It’s a very difficult game to port from.
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There was also some guy who either ported or rebuilt one of the car models. It’s unreleased though.