It’s simple really, I just need it to look pretty and fitting to the whole, “Augmented” theme.

  • Includes a limited toggle-able cloak (10 or so seconds) that recharges over time.
  • Icarus Landing System that slows the player down and pulls them downward (To avoid exploits).
  • A shared “ammo” system that the cloak and ILS both use.
  • Custom overlay

Please put these features into one SWEP. If you would like to include more features into it, please put it into another SWEP, thanks!

P.S. This is for a HL2RP server, so please make it fitting? Maybe a custom overlay/“ammo” counter. (Batteries to show how much cloak is left)

Thanks a bunch!

That doesn’t sound simple.

Gah, Custom overlay is just optional. All I really want is at least the cloak and the ammo.

It sounds extremely half assed to put this on a SWEP instead of coding it proper on the gamemode.

Why would you make a Deus Ex RP anyway? You’re not gonna even be able to port any models.