Deutsche Wermacht Series 600 Infiltrator/Combat Unit

I would have written the title in german but I don’t know german :rolleyes:

There’s no blood on the edges of the “skin”, because T-600s have no living tissue covering.

Credits to someone (Was it VMan again?) for inspiration.

C&C eh?

Its ok not something I’d use for a desktop or something but its neat

Cool picture i like it :wink:

You think these are ment to be Desktop images?

Yes. It’s very nice. Good job

Reminds of that old terma in dod pic longtime ago…
Hmm nice pose
Wait shells coming in n out of the wrong way
Plus the chain coming IN have no head piece.

I couldn’t find any good bullet models for the ammo belt :frown:

Shells coming out from the wrong side??? Damn! Well, I thought that if the ammo is fed from the right side, the shells come out from the left side.

yeah it’d make sense wouldn’t it

Well some MGs are like that like the weird pkm but mg42 isn’t on that side

Well, I’m not an expert in how weapons work :buddy: so I didn’t know that…

Any comments on the editing, details and stuff?

Needs blood and fake meat on the body parts

Not bad. Editing on the clothes (rips etc) is pretty decent.

Can’t you read? T-600 has NOT a living tissue covering. Series 800 units have, but this is a series 600 unit.

T600=Skin of Rubber.

Really nice clothes editing, for me it looks a little to bright, and the hand on the gun seems to be kinda clipping(Or the hand its too big for the little handle of the gun), the smoke and blur around him seem a little overwhelming too.

WeHrmacht. With “H”.
Anyway, that’s good, although the map was not as good as possible for such an epic screenshot…

For some reason I found this funny as hell. +1 :v:

I had some problems with looking for the right map with the right setting, and decided to use this.

And sorry for the spelling mistake, I don’t know german :stuck_out_tongue:

The face maybe? :v:

Okay, but perhaps you know something called “google”…? ;oD

But it’s okay, mate, just continue with your epic ideas :wink:

Epic ideas? I thought these were getting boring as fuck. Well, thanks :v:

If a pose isn’t good enough to be a desktop, it probably isn’t good enough to post up.

The image is alright, though it looks very bland and without depth.